Compass Rose


Lost and Found.


I’m slowly but surely building my band tee collection. I never miss a concert tee rack at a vintage store and a killer vintage band tee is always on my list when I’m at the flea market. My newest addition to the bunch is my Tedeschi Trucks Band tee. Besides being my newest and coolest band tee, Tedeschi Trucks is one of the best live bands I’ve seen perform. Crazy talent in that band. My favorite way to wear my ever-expanding collection of band tees is with kimonos and anything with a boho print that looks like it came from the markets of Istanbul. Hey Molly makes the best combination of both. She designs and makes short kimono jackets that are super versatile and fall loosely in just the right places. Band tees, bralettes, maxi dresses, Hey Molly kimonos are the sweetest little cover-ups. Continue reading

Hemp & Honey


Natural body care from sustainable sources.


I grew up in a family of environmentalists. I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t recycle; all my parents (mom, dad and step dad) worked for the EPA. Water was never wasted in our home and the recycle bin always outweighed the trash bin even before the city offered curbside recycling. Naturally, I’ve always been drawn to products that are made without unnecessary additives and of course that come from sustainable sources. I’ve always supported the use of hemp for manufacturing items, there are so many positive environmental & economic reasons it should be legalized! I’ve tried my fair share of beauty products that use hemp and this is by far my favorite. Not only does Hemp & Honey Plus use one of nature’s best sources of essential fatty acids (hemp seed oil) but they also mix in Manduka honey and a handful of other natural ingredients including matcha green tea, pomegranate, coconut oil and aloe. The perfect balance of these ingredients creates a beautiful light scent in the body products and natural, sweet and tasty lip refreshers and balms. Continue reading


Thank you Yahoo! Live for sponsoring this post on the new live streaming concert series!

A night with Lily Allen.


I’m a sucker for female artists. After working professionally as a musician for the past seven years, I truly admire all the strong women who have made a mark in the industry. I’ve come across some struggles with being a female instrumentalist in an industry dominated by males so I’m naturally drawn to powerful females that embrace everything about being a woman and our natural drive to succeed. Lily Allen is not only an awesome female style icon but an artist who promotes hard-working and successful women. She puts it best…”Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits.” Being on tour myself for part of the year it’s always hard for me to catch shows of my favorite artists that I want to see. Just recently Yahoo! partnered with Live Nation to live stream a concert for free every day of the year! Incredible. I can be in my hotel room on tour and watch a live streamed show for up to 24 hours after the event. Being able to have a 3 am viewing party of my favorite artists after an evening of performing and decompressing at the hotel bar…honesty I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this sooner!

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Lindsay Living Vegan


Spotlight on vegan foodie & blogger, Lindsay Living Vegan.


Meet the new vegan blogger on the block, Lindsay Living Vegan. This gorgeous girl has an instagram account that makes eating vegan look so delicious, easy and stylish! Her smoothie recipes will make you want to get creative with your Vitamix and desserts will leave you wondering why you haven’t gone vegan years ago. I’ve got the scoop on all things vegan from Lindsay and an AWESOME recipe of hers (which I will be sure to duplicate here on Boho Bunnie very soon:) Continue reading

Just For Fun


Seeing stars


I’ve been obsessing more and more over anything vintage western. I feel like a true rodeo queen in this sassy hand-painted velvet and sequin circle skirt from Sadie Delux. What’s more flirty than a high waisted mini that sparkles and flips with every step? My love for all western flair started a few years ago, around the same time I really got into playing fiddle and pedal steel guitar. And I haven’t even been to Nashville! I’ve got a collection of western clothes that would fit any Nashville stage…I’m sure that trip will be planned soon enough. Continue reading