Desert of Eden


Element Eden x Boho Bunnie Giveaway!


It’s peak season for unbearable desert heat yet fall is creeping in on us. I don’t know what could be a better fall transition piece than this dark floral maxi from Element Eden. One of my most versatile wardrobe pieces at the moment, this gem can be belted, layered with vintage tees, and paired with all sorts of colors. And if you had any hesitation on how you would style fall’s favorite front-slit maxi, let Element Eden take care of it for you with an Instagram giveaway of this entire outfit! One lucky winner will receive my this rad maxi, vintage tee, white off-the-shoulder crop and black fedora, all from Element Eden’s line! I’ve always known this company as my 1990’s middle school boyfriend’s favorite skater line and now they’ve come out with an amazing line of everyday women’s fashion that is created for the unique, adventurous and inspired woman. Continue reading

Desert Rose


I dream of gardens in the desert sand.


There’s nothing like a warm California desert cooling off at dusk. The moss covered rocks, cactus gardens, and the ever expansive horizon that frames the most perfect sunset. Of all of the outdoor locations in California I thought I would spend the most time at when I moved here, I thought for sure it would be the beach. Quite the opposite, the desert won my heart. The beauty of Vasquez Rocks just north of Los Angeles is the perfect setting for this colorful western look from My Royal Sister. An incredible online boutique of bohemian fashion and decorating, every item in this ensemble can be found in their immaculately curated online shop! AND first time purchases receive 20% off! Continue reading

Birds of a Feather


Are flocking outside.


Oh, Johnny Was and your incredible tunic tops. Every tunic I own from this company I absolutely cherish. The fit, the ease, and the embroidery details are always on point. The bold colors against the black of this peacock tunic make this a rad transition piece for the end of summer into fall. Tunics are one of my favorite items to wear…with flared denim, as a dress, tucked into little shorts with cowboy boots, or more of a bohemian twist with some wide legged pants. Continue reading

Fare Thee Well


“I love you more than words can tell.”


I vividly remember the day when Jerry Garcia died. I was 12 years old and sitting in the front of a large passenger van as a junior camp counselor when the news came on the radio. That was the summer camp where Justin and I first met. I didn’t get into the Dead until high school when I spent summers listening to Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty on repeat on my discman. Over 20 years later, here we are at a Grateful Dead reunion show. If only our 12 year old selves would have known what we were getting into and the unforgettable memories that we were going to make. It’s just a month later that I’ve gotten around to posting the next 100 photos that you’re about to scroll through. It’s hard to describe the experience of a Phish show, let alone our first Grateful Dead shows. There’s so much love and sense of community literally everywhere. Grateful Dead fans are the most loyal fans a band could ever ask for; that sense of loyalty and love is everywhere and creates some of the most magical memories. What a long strange trip it’s been… Continue reading

City of Light


City of Night.


A night out in Hollywood. It’s weird to think of all the times I only dreamt about what living in the city of angels was like. The parties, the glamour, brushing shoulders with celebrities, the exclusive clubs…when I first moved to LA it was all what I envisioned, even more. Walking into a party was like walking into a spread in Vogue. The most gorgeous people were dressed like they came off the runway. It was an experience that I’m so glad I had but sooooo would never do again. Going out in Hollywood meant rounding up all of your favorite girls, meeting for drinks at someone’s restaurant where the comped all the food, going to the club where you sat at a table and Grey Goose flowed like water and not expecting to get home until dawn. The only money that was spent was the $22 exchanged for a cheap Forever 21 dress. A lifestyle that felt so elite and intriguing but so not the real world. Now a night in Hollywood is quite a bit classier wearing some of my favorite brands like Gypsy Junkies & Bed Stu, and reserved for special occasions like eating at my favorite gourmet vegan restaurant or catching a rad musical act. Knowing there’s something for everyone in this city at any stage in your life is why I love this lost city of angels.  Continue reading