Embrace The Face

fare-thee-well-grateful-dead-mail-order-envelopes-dead-50-soldier-field-jerry-garcia Fare Thee Well…

cash-or-trade-grateful-dead-50-fare-thee-well-face-value-tickets-embrace-the-face BBZ_5973

It’s been a huge week for Grateful Dead and Phish fans alike. The announcement of Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary reunion concert over Fourth of July weekend featuring Trey Anastasio just took everyone’s summer concert expectations through the roof. And to give it even more hype, pre-order tickets had to be purchased old-school style with decorated mail-order envelopes and money orders. Who’s even used a money order before? With an overwhelming number of submissions, the mail-order officially closed today a 10 am, just two days after it began. With Instagram and Twitter, Dead art has been plastered all over social media the past couple days giving fans a chance to see instantly what everyone else had created. What happens if you don’t get those “I need a miracle” mail-order tickets? CashorTrade.org. I’ve been a huge fan of CashorTrade.org since we discovered each other over social media. It’s really unbelievable what ticket scalpers can get away with for selling tickets. Take for instance $1300 Fleetwood Mac tickets at the Forum in Los Angeles just this past November. CashorTrade.org is the world’s first social ticketing platform where fans buy, sell, & trade tickets for face value. Continue reading

We Came to Play

pacific-and-driftwood-moonlight-rollerway-roller-derby-adorn-by-sarah-lewis-white-hart-jewellery-lush-jewelry-thigh-highs-boho-bunnie BBZ_4895

Moonlight Rollerway

pacific-and-driftwood-moonlight-rollerway-roller-derby-adorn-by-sarah-lewis-white-hart-jewellery-lush-jewelry-thigh-highs-boho-bunnie BBZ_4629

There’s something about girls in roller skates. Not this girl though…I can barely make it across the room without holding onto railings, walls, or the nearest arm. Nothing screams Venice, California like a bikini clad roller girl on the boardwalk and since these little crop tees were created by local Venice designer Pacific & Driftwood, I couldn’t think of anything more fitting than lacing up a pair of skates. Even if I didn’t even attempt to enter the actual rink. It’s no fun to play by yourself so of course I invited honorary boho bunnie and actual roller girl, Devon Elora, to the Moonlight Rollerway.  Continue reading

Secret Garden Baby Shower


“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”


In early December I had the honor of throwing a baby shower for one of my closest friends, Mandy. It’s crazy how our lives crossed paths so many times and it wasn’t until our professional careers that we became such good friends. It started when we were 12 in youth orchestras, then summer music camps in Interlochen, Michigan, then college, then as a touring string quartet and finally our most recent gig as members of Shania Twain’s band. You may have seen this gorgeous and uber talented cellist in our String Chix music video. Over the past 4 years we’ve probably played over 200 shows together, rehearsed countless hours, toured across the country and Canada and put in over 400 hours of hair and make-up gossip time. What was discussed in those 400 hours? Luckily that remains in the walls of all those dressing rooms. I was sooooo excited to help throw this amazing woman her first baby shower, all while she was performing during our last Caesar’s run with Shania Twain, just two weeks before her baby boy arrived! Oh, and did I mention she ran a marathon in October? My idol! Continue reading

Rock This Country

unbuttoned-boudoir-boho-bunnie-western-jeffrey-campbell-vintage-daisy-dukes-johnny-loves-june-sweet-mayhem-jewelry 4

Kickin’ up dust.

unbuttoned-boudoir-boho-bunnie-western-jeffrey-campbell-vintage-daisy-dukes-johnny-loves-june-sweet-mayhem-jewelry 12

Surviving below freezing temperatures during my Ohio photo shoots to returning back to my perfect little bubble of 75 degrees and sunny January days in Los Angeles, is well, kinda awesome. I know it’s dead of winter but I’m a summer child at heart. Shorts in January? Why not. Driving through the farms of Bakersfield, California with Unbuttoned Boudoir photographer, Karen Stewart, we came across an amazing junk yard of American Picker’s approved vintage truck collection. It couldn’t be more fitting to wear my mom’s vintage leather vest from the 70’s and ripped up Guess daisy dukes that Karen found while thrifting. Stepping over tires, used car parts and trails of peacock feathers (how random is that to have roaming peacocks?) we found some true vintage gems to prop up against. Continue reading

Midwestern Love

made-with-love-by-j-dove-free-people-amy-friend-fringe-boho-bunnie XMS_4110

The heart of it all.

made-with-love-by-j-dove-free-people-amy-friend-fringe-boho-bunnie XMS_4142

First off, I would like to give mad props to all you fashion bloggers who blog year round in any location that reaches below forty degrees as a high. For our two week trip back to Ohio, I packed a handful of outfits for photo shoots. There are so many run down barns, sheds, fields and farms that are perfect shooting locations so I was excited to get some midwestern variety on the blog. Our first photo shoot in 29 degrees was quickly titled as our last winter Ohio photo shoot as well. Justin was shivering so much it was hard to keep the camera steady and I couldn’t feel my fingers in a matter of five minutes. But for the love of fashion we trudged through. I was determined to showcase these gorgeous handmade knit pieces by Made With Love by J Dove. This young college student is so extremely talented with her knit creations! This cardigan, boot toppers and headband are all a part of her super affordable and absolutely stunning collection. Continue reading