Daisy Chain


Love me, love me not.


Nothing is more peaceful than the desert at dusk. Warm February sun, mountain views for miles and memories of a weekend’s adventures that you’re bringing home. This journey was a quick trip to Vegas with Justin and our friend Scott (who always waits so patiently whenever we stop along our road trips to shoot for the blog). This gorgeous flower child dress from Boho Beauty Boutique is so ethereal and perfect for any nomadic desert gypsy. Summer can’t come soon enough in this free-flowing Dakota dress & illuminating jewels from Setara Jewelry. Continue reading

Rainy Day Woman

alison-storry-boho-jewels-free-people-sweet-mayhem-jewelry-co-carny-couture-vintage-fortress-of-inca-adorn-by-sarah-lewis 9

“I woke up this morning to the sunshine…”

alison-storry-boho-jewels-free-people-sweet-mayhem-jewelry-co-carny-couture-vintage-fortress-of-inca-adorn-by-sarah-lewis 27

Los Angeles isn’t typically the place where we could get rained out on a photo shoot. Rained out of anything for that matter. Growing up in the midwest, anything planned outside always had to have an alternate indoor plan. Unless it’s the month of January or February, there is probably a 99.9% chance that it won’t rain on any given day in Los Angeles, and I sure as hell never take that for granted. Sometimes I miss the late night summer thunderstorms, but would I trade that for 75 degrees and sunny when my home town in Ohio is negative 5 degrees and getting plummeted by snow? Not a chance. This shoot day so happened to be on one of those rainy February days in Los Angeles but we mustered through. Justin always reminds me that there are models that shoot in bikinis in the snow and I shouldn’t be complaining about a little drizzle and 50 degree weather. Granted those models are making much more than I am blogging and probably have a huge parka waiting for them off camera, but I try to turn off the pouty face and keep my teeth from chattering.  Continue reading

Velvet Valentine


Gypsies & Artisans


Black lace & plush red velvet. As far as Valentine’s Day goes, I’ll take this any day over powder pink hearts and chocolates. Well, maybe if they’re little dark chocolate vegan nuggets I’d have to reconsider. I’ve always loved decadent and ornate boutique interiors and The Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas was the perfect fit for a mysterious, dark gypsy shoot. Piles of jewels, head chains, and a sheer maxi from Gypsy Junkies made me feel like I was just another part of the Artisan’s lavish lobby. Take me here for a Valentine’s Day getaway any day! Continue reading

Mountain Music

genuine-june-designs-novella-royale-for-love-and-lemons-free-people-boho-jewelry BBZ_6615

Play me some mountain music…

genuine-june-designs-novella-royale-for-love-and-lemons-free-people-boho-jewelry BBZ_6807

It’s fun to be king of the hill. Err, I guess queen of the hill. I love driving through the Hollywood hills or the streets of Laurel Canyon and picking out my next amazing dream home. There are so many hidden gems built right into the mountainside that I would have never known about had we not gone exploring for photo locations. On a clear day you can see the entire city, the mountains AND the ocean. It really can’t get much better than that. The natural stones of these gorgeous jewels from Genuine June Designs are so fitting for a mountaintop view. Continue reading

Good Times at Davey Waynes

nomad-ique-boho-flares-illuminare-boutique-billi-blues-the-who-good-times-at-davey-waynes-boho-bunnie-gypsy-jewels-retro-living-room-70s BBZ_5630 (1)

“If you can’t be good, make sure you’re good at being bad.”

nomad-ique-boho-flares-illuminare-boutique-billi-blues-the-who-good-times-at-davey-waynes-boho-bunnie-gypsy-jewels-retro-living-room-70s BBZ_5558

This has gotta be the best parting statement I’ve heard in a while. After a full day of session work (I just recorded on an ammmmazing ablum by a pretty big artist that’s about to be released, eeeee!) Justin and I grabbed some veggie sushi from our fave sushi joint in the valley. We struck up a conversation with the couple at the table across the way and after an exchange of a few Boho Bunnie stickers and why it’s always cool to wear cowboy boots, we were left with the awesome advice above. Perfect inspiration for a 70’s bad girl vibe complete with groupie band tees, tight flaresgypsy jewelscowboy boots and of course whiskey cocktails. Continue reading