Where the Bohemians Roam

pachamama-bohemian-harmen-pants-barefoot-sandals-boho-bunnie DSC_6619

Barefoot gypsy giveaway

pachamama-bohemian-harmen-pants-barefoot-sandals-boho-bunnie DSC_6406

This oasis in the middle of the desert was the perfect ending to our Coachella weekend. Car loaded and ready to make the trip back to LA, Justin and I discovered this bohemian haven within Palm Springs. Perfect for barefoot sandals in the sand, bright harem pants, headbands and gypsy jewels. What made this mystical canyon even more special is that we share the same name…Andreas Canyon! If I could only spend my afternoons here with rum cocktails swinging in a large rope hammock. You can recreate your own island oasis with a $50 giveaway to Hippies Hope Shop at the bottom of this post! Continue reading

Buttons & Birdcages


Spotlight on blogger Miche Renee


I’m so excited to introduce Miche Renee, creator of Buttons and Birdcages. Not only do we share a passion for boho clothing and finding killer vintage threads, but she lives in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio! Miche has one up on me though…she’ll take one of her stellar vintage finds and and tailor it herself to create an awesome wardrobe staple. If only I had the time and patience to do that! Here’s the scoop on this super stylish midwestern chick who leaves you with a feel-good heartfelt story every time you visit her blog. Love what you see in her photos? You can purchase items she wears in her photo shoots right from her blog! Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate Avocado Banana Pudding


Vegan chocolate bliss


Two of my favorite foods: chocolate and avocado. Ever since moving to California, I order avocado on EVERYTHING. Being vegan for four years, I always make sure I get my daily dose of healthy fats. Coconut and avocado are two of my favorite sources. I’ve seen recipes and tasted the samples at the Whole Foods Vitamix demonstrations of this famous chocolate-avocado combination and I finally got around to trying it out for myself. I’m excited to share that from start to clean-up, this recipe will take you less than 10 minutes! Time is always a major deciding factor in my food preparation…anything more than 15 minutes and there’s a good chance I won’t do it. Continue reading

Scarlet Begonias

pacific-and-driftwood-coachella-boho-bunnie-swim DSC_5404_LL

A tight tie-dyed dress, she was a psychedelic mess

pacific-and-driftwood-coachella-boho-bunnie-swim DSC_5443_LL

Deep-v onesies…honestly I can’t dream up a sexier piece of swimwear. I’ve been in love with every single one of these rad designs by Pacific and Driftwood. It makes me want to live in the month of July forever. And it’s not just the perfect cut outs that make this one-piece the hottest item you’ll own, it’s the vintage band tees that they’re made out of that makes them completely unique and a must have for any music groupie. Continue reading

Hello Hydration

I lathered up with Herbal Essences body wash as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars by Crowdtap.

Herbal-Essences-body-wash-boho-yoga DSC_6282

 Meditate and invigorate with Herbal Essences


Honestly, there’s nothing better than lathering up with your favorite scent after an intense workout. Scent has always been my favorite accessory. I love combining body oils, lotions and perfumes to create unique fragrances that gently linger with me throughout the day. So why not choose a body wash that will sustain and keep me feeling invigorated all day? We all know that Herbal Essences creates the best smelling shampoo, and their body wash ABSOLUTELY lives up to the reputation. What can you expect? Beautifully clean floral and fruit fragrances with the perfect amount of sweetness. Continue reading