The Buena Onda


Handwoven with love.


There’s something magical about wearing an item that is completely handmade. It has a true story to tell and a journey that started in the hands of the artisan. The artisans that craft these handwoven dresses are indigenous people of the Wayuu tribe in northern Colombia. The women of the tribe spend their days crafting dresses and mochila bags entirely by hand without a loom. Days or weeks are spent creating each stitch and knot while the dress comes to life in the hands of a woman thousands of miles away. The Buena Onda (the good wave) supports these women and by making these gorgeous items available to purchase around the world. Continue reading

Adult Swim


Poolside with Hari Mari.


It always feels like summer officially ends next weekend over Labor Day. Growing up my family would take one last summer trip over Labor Day weekend to a jazz festival in Michigan. Those were always the last few days of swimming and laying by the pool listening to my favorite grunge bands without a care in the world. Now living in LA I feel like summer never officially ends, I just gradually switch my flip flops out for boots, but that won’t even happen for at least another month.  Continue reading

Sunflower Sunsets


Bold gypsy accents.


Tunics and boots. This has been my go-to combo for the summer. They’re so easy to slip on and run out the door looking completely put together. Adding large, bright colored accents make it even more fun and polished. I’ve been lusting over everything with tiny coin accents, mini mirrors, beads and hand embroidered patterns. These gypsy pieces instantly turn any slightly boho outfit into something fit for a gypsy muse. Pachamama Bohemian has been my favorite shop to find all of these stunning accessories, purses, pashminas, even clothing. Continue reading

Mermaid Dazed


Bohemian sea treasures.


I knew once I put on this gorgeous gown from Marine Blu that I needed to be on the beach with my feet sinking into the sand and waves crashing on my ankles. The perfect touch of elegance in this bohemian inspired dress makes me feel like releasing my inner mermaid. Long locks, sea shell bras and all day at the beach…what’s not to love about the life of a mermaid? Continue reading

Vegan Jackfruit “Tu-not” Melt


 Why not tu-not?

SAMSUNG CSCA good friend of mine (and celebrity chef to the stars) shared his most amazing jackfruit tuna recipe with me last week. I’ve been obsessed with using jackfruit as a meat substitute ever since I ate jackfruit carnitas made by Jared Leto’s private chef during a web-only concert where I performed with 30 Seconds to Mars. Sorry but not sorry for all the name dropping. I was definitely star struck when my middle school crush Jared Leto answered to door to their Studio City band house, and even more in love when I found out he was vegan and his private chef made an elaborate smorgasbord of vegan grub. Anyway, on to the jackfruit. This stuff is an amazing substitute for meat and soy meat products. What you’ll need to make these awesome little melts: Continue reading