Kimonos & Cowgirls

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She took the midnight train…

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Today is officially my first day back in LA after being on the road for five weeks! A few weeks in Ohio, up to Calgary for a week and then back to Vegas to finish up a two-week run with Shania Twain. And I did it all in two suitcases! During my first stop in Ohio, I met up with the beautiful Miche Renee of Buttons and Birdcages. Miche and I became blogging friends earlier this year. An east coast transplant, Miche currently lives in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, so it only made sense to meet up and do a shoot with her when I was in Ohio last month. Continue reading

Meet Me at the Rodeo


Rodeo gypsy


I’m a west coast girl but I’d be perfectly content wearing cowboy boots and hats everyday. Boots, shorts, summer dresses and fringe have been my staples all summer. My recent trip to the Calgary Stampede a few weeks ago to perform with Shania Twain was just another excuse to come up with some new western threads. My favorites: Billi Blues, Noa Elle & Charley Ray. This was literally my first rodeo and what an awesome experience to be welcomed on stage with 14,000 screaming fans! Before soundcheck of our second show, Justin and I took a tour of the stampede grounds. Continue reading

Rockin the Calgary Stampede


Stringers, cowboys & kicking up shit


I love my job! There isn’t one day that I take it for granted. I perform with one of the most amazing iconic female artists alongside an incredible band of talented musicians and dancers. I really could not have dreamt up a better job. I get to walk on stage every night and the main goal is to make sure everyone is having a good time. It’s such a rush to connect with the audience and do exactly what I love doing night after night. These two nights in particular were our first shows outside of Vegas at the Calgary Stampede. I can’t describe what an incredible rush you get from an arena full of 14,000 fans! There were literally moments looking into the audience that I told myself to try to remember every single detail. Here’s a little glimpse of our trip to Canada, eh. Continue reading

Black Eyed Gypsy


Lost in Laurel Canyon


Laurel Canyon mysticism. Oh how I wish I could have lived in the canyons when my neighbors would have been Joni Mitchell, Jim Morrison, The Mamas & the Papas and Frank Zappa. Would I have been a groupie, part of the GTO’s? Or maybe a recording artist myself. Whenever I drive through Laurel Canyon I can’t help but daydream what it would have been like to be a 60′s canyon girl. Continue reading

Bohemian Thunderbird


It’s been a whirlwind of a week! I just got back from Canada after performing two incredible sold out shows with Shania Twain! Now two more weeks of shows in Las Vegas before I return home to Los Angeles. Visiting Canada during the Calgary Stampede was an awesome experience. I was totally inspired to create a little iPad doodle from the Indian Village set up in the stampede fair grounds. There were at least a dozen large teepees, each representing different Canadian tribes with authentic clothing, instruments and tools displayed in each. The photos turned out incredible and I can’t wait to share! In the meantime, here’s a little something that’s been stirring up in my head from my travels this week. Download below to use on your phone or iPad!

Bohemian Thunderbird for iPad & iPad mini

Bohemian Thunderbird for iPhone 5

Bohemian Thunderbird for iPhone 4

Bohemian Thunderbird for Droid