Ponchos, Arrows & Feathers

Boho Bunnie

My favorite fall staples.

Boho Bunnie

I don’t know what’s easier than throwing on an oversize poncho over shorts and a tee for a fall night in LA. Boots paired with anything short is what you’ll see me wearing on any given day and when the nights start to get cooler, I love bundling up in anything oversize that still shows my legs. I started my collection of vintage ponchos a few years back when my mom gifted me a few of hers from the 70′s. They’re so much more fun to throw on over skinny jeans and heels or the shortest of daisy dukes. My new favorite cool weather staple comes from the rad online vintage store, Sadie Deluxe Vintage. Continue reading

DIY Vintage Biker Tee

Boho Bunnie

Harleys & Heatbreakers

Boho Bunnie

Meet Sean, our favorite stagehand at Caesar’s Palace in the Colosseum. He operates our mobilator every night that drives us on stage for the Shania Twain show. Over the past two years I’ve seen Sean wear about 50 different Harley Davidson tees with hot chicks and I’ve envied every single one. Brunettes, blondes, redheads, twins, he has ‘em all. A few months back I cam across the perfect tee at the flea market to pay homage to my favorite biker style icon. With an entire entourage of amazingly talented wardrobe stylists for our show, there was no better place to learn how to create a perfect vintage tee. Continue reading

Say You Love Me

Boho Bunnie

When the lovin starts and the lights go down…

Boho BunnieIt’s been a lazy Sunday. One of those days where I don’t leave home, lounge in my favorite sweater and listen to Fleetwood Mac. Looking through these photos with my mom’s vintage leather vest from the 70′s makes me want to jump back in time to see a young Stevie Nicks twirl on stage singing Rhiannon. Lace flares, cropped florals and a wide brim hats lets me at least pretend I was a 70′s child. These simple jewels from Amy Friend add the perfect touch to this easy boho rocker look. Her designs have just the right balance of statement and classic. I absolutely love the delicate oxidized metals that she uses!

Continue reading

Western Wanderlust

tunic-cowboy-boots-for-love-and-lemons-gypsy-boho-red-rock-las-vegas-boho-bunnie 16

Red Rocks & Gypsy Musings.

tunic-cowboy-boots-for-love-and-lemons-gypsy-boho-red-rock-las-vegas-boho-bunnie 11

I’m always amazed at what is beyond the strip in Las Vegas. When I perform for weeks at a time in this city of neons and sin I always forget that just outside the casino walls are majestic stretches of red rocks and joshua trees. If I lived here full time I would get lost in the peaks and valleys of this western wilderness. Looking at these photos just gives me more incentive to spend a month in a retro RV, making a photo journal of my western nomadic adventures. Continue reading

Drivin’ That Train

sadie-deluxe-vintage-oversize-sweater-the-beuna-onda-wayuu-mochilla-bag-boho-bunnie-hippie 15

Casey Jones you better watch your speed.

sadie-deluxe-vintage-oversize-sweater-the-beuna-onda-wayuu-mochilla-bag-boho-bunnie-hippie 4

I totally feel like I just raided my mom’s closet in the 70′s. Oversized glasses and high waisted bells and skirts grace a majority of her photos from her twenties. So it’s only fitting that most of this ensemble is truly vintage. The most amazing cropped magenta sweater from Sadie Deluxe Vintage, vintage wooden bangles and one of my favorite scores from the Aspen Goodwill…a hand-beaded “St. John of Aspen” belt. High-waisted bells are getting more wear than anything else in my closet this season and I can’t think of a more perfect bag to rock with this outfit, a Wayuu Mochilla bag from The Buena Onda. Continue reading