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And all the night’s magic seems to whisper and hush.

tracey-filapose-boho-bunnie-gypsy-jewels-bohemian-tapestry-decor-velvet-fringe-kimono-vintage-trippy-hippie-store-drip-candles-fortune-teller 35

It’s a marvelous night for just about anything with your own gypsy lair. For the past few months I’ve had this vision of recreating the Bergdorf Goodman NYC holiday window, only with a few less swarovski crystals. I’ve done quite a few gypsy inspired posts but none where I completely created the set down to the last drip of wax. A couple trips to the flea market, a few key items from Trippy Store, and some luscious jewels from Tracey Filapose set the mood for this magical evening. Continue reading

Get it While You Can

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Don’t you turn your back on love

pachamama-bohemian-clutch-vintage-tapestry-cape-60s-fashion-blogger-liberty-garden-2016-trends-psychedelic-brocade-fringe-booties 65

It was one of those Sundays at the Melrose Trading Post that I literally came looking for one item and left with way more than I should have. Scouring the racks for a simple vintage black gypsy dress, this gem of a cape caught my eye and I instantly knew I wasn’t leaving the lot without it. Psychedelic velour flowers that should be on the raddest couch of all time but made into a brass-buttoned cape for me to wear? Heaven. I had no luck bargaining the seller down (I walked back THREE times with a different offer) but caved anyway. Before I even had a chance to dry clean the vintageness outta it, I brought it down to Long Beach to meet up with my girl Ashley Myers to do an impromptu shoot after a few early afternoon beers.  Continue reading

Beyond the Sea

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Somewhere beyond the sea, Somewhere waiting for me…

mgra-sustainable-swim-wear-australia-mitch-gobel-resin-art-boho-fashion-blogger-billi-blues-victoria-emerson-jewelry 18

It’s the dead of January eight years after I moved to LA and I still don’t take for granted that there will never be an ice scraper in my car ever again. I take pride in the fact that I don’t own a winter coat, and that this entire month I have walked to my yoga class in flip flops. LA winter is far from my Jamaican spring breaks but the fact that I can brave the beaches of Malibu in a bikini is pretty amazing. It’s a far cry from summer surf, but it is summer somewhere. And that somewhere happens to be Australia, home of MGRA swim wear designer, Mitch Gobel. Continue reading


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Like a heartbeat, drives you mad…

violet-vixen-corset-stevie-nicks-top-hat-rock-fashion-smoke-bomb-boho-blogger-fleetwood-mac 18 (1)

Where would bohemian fashion be without it’s all time favorite muse, Stevie Nicks? The rock goddess herself created an iconic look that has proven timeless. Fleetwood Mac’s music has always been special to me. I can’t tell you how many times Rumors has been on at least a 5x repeat in one sitting. Strong women in rock is so inspiring and I can only dream that one day my music and style leave a lasting impression even a quarter that of Stevie Nicks. Until then I’ll be channeling my inner Stevie with a Violet Vixen corset. Continue reading

Desert Chakra

mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 6

Morning asanas.

mal-wingostarr-jewelry-yoga-pants-mala-boho-fashion-blogger-desert-red-rock-horn-necklace 4

Wouldn’t this just be the life, waking up and strolling through the desert to perch barefoot on a warm, sun kissed rock and practice daily meditation? One of these days I’ll break out of my 4am-10am sleeping habits and get my mornings started off right. Yoga has been such a meaningful activity for me. When I first moved to LA I became slightly obsessed with it and took Bikram yoga classes 5-6 days a week! I was scraping by and putting only $10 at a time into my gas tank but sure as hell finding a way to pay for my yoga classes. That extreme dedication paid off; even when I’m traveling or insanely busy with work, for the most part my body knows exactly where it left off last class. As much intention that I put into my yoga practice, it’s only fitting to pair my practice with handmade creations by beautiful artists Mal Wingostarr & Shannon Noelke. What’s in store for the new year? While I can’t make it back to my daily routine quite yet, I am now living within walking distance of my original yoga studio! Amazing how some things come full circle. Continue reading